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What does error 205 mean?

What does error 205 mean?

Sometimes when I try to place a PSTN call, I get a recording stating:

"An error has occurred. Please contact Technical Support with error code 205."


The system has detected a PSTN call from an IP Phone (UA) that is not registered correctly. To prevent abuse, all UA's must register with our proxy server before they can place a PSTN call. Common reasons for your UA not to be registered are:

PROBLEM: Incorrectly set USERID (phone number) or PASSWORD in the UA
SOLUTION: Make sure your USERID and PASSWORD are set correctly. Re-enter them if necessary.

PROBLEM: "Registration" is set to "Never" or "No" in the UA's configuration
SOLUTION: Modify your UA's configuration to force it to register before placing a call.

PROBLEM: Call placed too soon after registration
SOLUTION: Wait at least 5 seconds after successful registration before making a PSTN call. 

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