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Digital Receptionist

Digital Receptionist

 The Multinational Business Power in your hands.

   This is the telephone system used by big multinational corporations with service in several languages. Ideal to optimize the system of selling, the attention to the clients who request information and/or they needed technical support in specialized areas and/or in their own language.


  Digital Receptionist: which takes charge itself of answering big quantities of calls of simultaneous form and forwarding them in accordance with the selections done by the user up to placing the call with the correct operator, who is located in any place of the world, which can answer the call in the language required and in the specific matter that was selected by the user before being fowarded there.

  Automatic Waiting Room:  service that entertains the user while he/she waits to be attended by the next available operator, delivering to him/her information about new products and/or services that the company wants to promote or give some information about.

  Entire Digital Assistance: which can give all the information and assistance to the user in the matter who needs from automated form, as for example: information about products and services, technical support, helps of use, and much more. And being able to return again to the possibility of speaking with an operator if he needs major assistance


  For companies that are in some country and want to answer users in different languages. For them, they can dispose of a Digital Receptionist who helps the user to canalize their call, first selecting the language, and then the option adapted to their need, for example: Department of selling if it is going to do a buy or technical support for help, and this way, the call will finally be answered by the most suitable operator, who is located in a local office or in any place in the world.

 Excellent, for companies, which want to have presence in several countries, to do selling and to offer a good service of attention and technical support to their clients. Without the need, to do big expenses in installing local main offices in every country, a company can achieve an effective presence, developing a virtual presence across local telephone numbers, which are answered first by the Digital Receptionist, which canalizes the call and then is answered by most the suitable operator, who is located in an office in the main office of the company, or in another local office or in  any other place in the world.


Please contact your sales representative so they can provide for more information and prices.

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