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Phone Numbers

 Business Virtual Phone Numbers

Your business need a local or any international
incoming phone number?
 With VoIP-SB choose your own area code

Your Business are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code/location. Our Business phone service is available worldwide, and you can choose any international Virtual phone number. 
Now you can have done massive adverstisement for selling anywhere in the world. Choose a phone number in your local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers located across the world.
There is no limit to the quantity [amount] of telephone numbers you can have for your business and they will ring anywhere in the world you connect using your VoIP-SB phone.
For Example:
Let's say you live in Mexico City where you use your VoIP-SB phone. Your customers lives in Miami. Their area code is 786. You could get an telephone number in the 786 area code that rings in Mexico City. Now your customers doesn't have to pay long distance charges when they calls you to business.
Its easy, simply select a number in one of the many cities around the world you need.
Check here the areas code are available today and activation fee.

* The monthtly price and one time setup fee is determined by the location of the phones numbers you choose.

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