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Free Phone Calls
With VoIP-SB you can talk to anyone in

 the world for as long as you want. 

Use your Internet connection to make free phone calls to any VoIP-SB member of your business network, anywhere in the world.   

VoIP-SB Free Internet Calls lets you:
  • Make free internet calls to any other VoIP-SB user. 
  • Use this VoIP-SB service to make Internet faxing to your office across town or world for free.

 Tell all your friends and companys to join so you can talk free,
no matter where they are located! 
 Only $7.49 per month!

Your Phone Number Follows You

Your phone number follows you wherever you travel. As soon as you plug in your VoIP-SB, your VoIP-SB phone number is registered with the system and you can make or take calls no matter where you are. For example, imagine the amount of money you can save by bypassing the ridiculous rates hotels charge you to make calls.

VoIP-SB also offers inexpensive Pay As You Go Calling and Unlimited Calling Plans for Executives.

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