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About VoIP SB

What is VoIP-SB?

 Is VoIP System for Business

VoIP-SB  is a new type of phone service that offers Telephones Systems for Business,  Unlimited Plans for Executives and Pay as you go phone service.

Make unlimited calls to the US and Canada or other countries using one of our incredible unlimited plans.

Save money on all of your calls using VoIP-SB  and your high speed Internet connection (DSL or cable) instead of regular phone lines.
 Get free features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and eVoicemail, which traditional phone companies extra-charge for.

Why Choose VoIP-SB?
  • We offer incredible phone service and more.
  • Low monthly fees.
  • Many free features.
  • High quality.
  • Free worldwide in network calls.
  • No contracts.
  • Low international rates.
  • Web based account access.
  • and more...

VoIP-SB is a leading provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses in over 150 countries.

Our industry leading systems allow subscribers to use their broadband Internet connection to make and receive phone calls anywhere they connect to the Internet.  We offer high quality, feature rich communication services with a substantial savings over traditional telephone companies and other Internet Telephony providers.


VoIP-SB customers benefit from a choice of calling plans that best fit their needs.  Each plan includes free calls to other VoIP-SB subscribers worldwide, prepaid "out of plan" calling with low international rates, and unlimited calling to the destinations they call the most for one flat monthly fee.  

Every account includes over 20 free features such as voicemail, callerID, call waiting and International call forwarding.

Contact Us
iIf you have questions about your account, the department of VoIP-SB services and features, or require Technical Support, please Contact us.

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